Informatique Industrielle
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Smart I/O

DAQ series are used in multiple industrial data acquisition field.Advantech provide DAQ card, DAQ I/O products and Machine Condition Monitoring software can be used in various Industrial PC chassis, such as PCI DAQ cards, PCIE DAQ cards, USB DAQ, USB Oscilloscope, WebAccess/MCM providing reliable and cost-saving industrial solutions to build a DAQ systems.

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Remote I/O

For more than 20 years, Advantech offers versatile Remote I/O & Wireless Sensing Modules to the market. The recent launched Ethernet I/O and Wireless I/O which are broadly used in IoT or other industrial applications, such as facility monitoring, environment monitoring, and industrial process control. Advantech distributed Remote I/O Modules are categorized into two families, Ethernet I/O (ADAM-6000 series) and RS-485 I/O (ADAM-4000 series), which are subdivided into Analog I/O and Digital I/O modules. Some of modules support Modbus RTU communication protocol.

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Intelligent Computing platform

Responding to machine builder requests for compact IPCs with failure predication and quick maintenance, Advantech is launching machine builder IPCs that feature short depth, self-diagnosis, remote manageability, and modularized design. Machine builders can easily integrate the IPC in an equipment enclosure, leaving more space for cable routing and internal devices. Once installed, IPC reports its status to a remote administrator before failure occurs, saving on-site inspection costs and reducing risk of unexpected down time. Service staff can quickly swap key modularized parts, minimizing maintenance time.

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Intelligent connectivity

Advantech offers a comprehensive portfolio of communications products and technologies that include:

• Industrial Ethernet switches and converters with Modbus/TCP and SCADA support.

• Managed and Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches.

• EN50155 certified Ethernet switches.

• Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions supporting upto 15.4 watts/port.

• Industrial Ethernet Media Converters.

• Industrial Wireless Solutions.

• Industrial Routing Solutions.

• Serial Device Servers and Modbus Gateways.

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Versatile HMI

Advantech HMI series contains high-performance Touch Panel PC, low-power industrial thin clients, web terminals for smart factory applications and industrial monitors.